TOMORE Black Candle Set

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TOMORE Black Candle Set

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Maker: TAKAZAWA Candle

Origin: Nanao, Ishikawa, Japan

Material: Vegetable Wax

Size: φ10×H65mm   φ15×H175mm

Burning Time: Approximately 55 minutes/ 100 minutes each

TOMORE Black Candle Set comes with two candles. A unique candle created for special occasions and celebrations. 

TAKAZAWA Candle creates traditional Japanese candles made from natural wax, called Warousoku. Established in 1892 in Noto Nanao city, TAKAZAWA candles are one of the oldest candle makers in Japan. 

The candles are made from a wax derived entirely from plant-based raw materials – specifically haze seeds, canola flower and coconut oils.


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